Danni & Adam Hemberger Wedding Review

[ REVIEW, SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 ]

Danni & Adam Hemberger Wedding
My husband and I know Mike through his years in Kapakahi and My Peoples and have always been witness to his talent on guitar and his stunning voice. We had already seen Mike play my brother’s wedding and immediately agreed to ask him to sing at ours following our engagement. All other details be damned, we knew having Mike sing on our wedding day would be special and it was. His voice, happiness and enthusiasm added an extra layer of emotion to an already emotional and beautiful day. Mike went out of his way to learn an important song for us and perfected an original piece for my portion of the walk. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a soulful voice and beautiful guitar sing you down the aisle on your wedding day, look no further!
— Danni & Adam

Songs Performed:

  • Free (Zach Brown Band)
  • Crazy Love (Van Morrison)
  • This Love (Mike Dayao)